The Gospel and the City: Movement Day UK 2017

By JubileeCentre 17 Oct 2017

On the 6-7th October, three team members from Jubilee Centre attended Movement Day UK, a two-day event bringing together Christians working in business, the church, education, politics and the arts to consider how we might see our cities transformed.

This nationwide conversation focused on the words of the prophet Jeremiah: ‘Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have called you into. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.’ (Jer 29:7)

This was the first Movement Day in the UK and it was organised by Roger Sutton from Gather Global. Based on our track record of writing biblical perspectives on issues in public life, we were asked to provide a new publication for this event to explore the biblical vision for city transformation. This is now available in print or online and is the latest booklet in our ‘long distance Christian’ series.

At the Jubilee Centre, we’ve held a long-term commitment to helping Christians engage in all areas of public life, and we were encouraged by the many leaders and organisations who attended this event.

Roger opened the conference by calling us to re-consider our commitment to cities. He drew our attention to God’s reaction to cities in scripture, and the evident emotion in these responses. 'The Bible begins in a garden and ends in a city,’ said Roger, as he argued for a renewed commitment to transforming our cities as God-inspired places for community and culture.


Prayer in Parliament Square


The conference also offered the opportunity to meet with and learn from Christians in many different spheres, with seminar tracks which covered a breadth of topics, from ‘Women in the City’ to ‘Politics and Local Government’ to ‘Children and Families’.

A particular highlight was the time of prayer in Parliament Square, where hundreds of delegates gathered together to pray for unity so that we might see transformation in our cities.

We are delighted to see conferences like Movement Day UK emphasising the wider vision of mission, which is to see believers engage wholeheartedly as salt and light, working to transform their workplaces, neighbourhoods and institutions. It is only in unity and long-term commitment that such a vision for social reform will become reality.

“Whatever strategies are adopted and visions pursued, transformation will not take place in the lifetime of a typical project. It may take decades, not years. The Jewish exiles carried off to Babylon were perhaps thinking that they would be able to return home soon, and so didn’t want to invest in the life of the city. However, through Jeremiah, God told them to make their home there and bless the city. We share the same mission as those exiles 2,500 years ago.” (Shining in the Sun: A biblical vision for city transformation)

Find out more about Movement Day, and download a copy of our booklet: ‘Shining in the Sun: A biblical vision for city transformation’

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