By JubileeCentre 21 Nov 2014

2010 Hustings Oxford East, credit KaihsuAs many people are disillusioned with the current state of politics, it’s vital that Christians step up, and engage where politics begins: in the local community.

A hustings is an event where two or more candidates for an election present their views to a group of potential voters.  Church hustings are often well attended and in the last general election over 220 were registered with CARE's 'Make the Cross Count' website.

In the run up to the General Election on 7th May 2015, local churches up and down the country have a wonderful opportunity to take a lead in making democracy work.  A hustings, like any debate, can descend into a slanging match, but a well ordered event, which allows candidates time to make a case, and treats each person with courtesy irrespective of their views, will set the tone of debate which is essential for democracy to work.

On this page we will be recommending where to get advice for planning a hustings, but you could start thinking about it now.  To help you think through the public issues that are debated, why not read Jubilee Centre's latest book, Votewise 2015?  We have also prepared a discussion guide for small groups.

To do list

  1. order a copy of Votewise 2015
  2. recruit a few others in your church to plan a hustings for the spring
  3. explore the issues in home groups using the Votewise Discussion Guide
  4. encourage everyone in your congregation to come to the hustings!


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