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By JubileeCentre 07 Jul 2015

King Solomon's 'Thought for the Day'

Proverbs app imageThis calendar takes one verse a day from the Book of Proverbs (attributed to King Solomon) and adds a pithy comment to apply it to today's world. As it unpacks some of the timeless wisdom from Proverbs, it offers a 'thought for the day' for people on their way to work, or when they pause for a moment during the day.  The comments on each proverb are mainly written by Derek Kidner.

"Solomon's Proverbs gently remind us that thousands of years may pass but human nature - and our capacity for good and bad, right and wrong - does not change. This calendar is a clever way of making age-old truths easily accessible."              Lord David Alton

The app costs £1 and is currently only available for Android phones.

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The same content is available as a screensaver for your desktop, which you can freely download below.

Please follow these instructions: the file extension has been temporarily changed to .pdf, as the Wordpress security settings don't seem to like the .scr extension, which is what it should be!  So once you have downloaded and saved the file 'Proverbs Calendar.pdf', rename the filename to Proverbs Calendar.scr'. Then you need to copy the file to the system directory where your other screensaver files are (search for *.scr on your hard drive, and see which directory these files are located in - that should be the one to use).

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