Renewing the Jubilee Centre: Focus and impact

By Tim Thorlby 08 Dec 2021

As the new Director of the Jubilee Centre I would like to highlight some significant new developments we are planning for the Centre in 2022, as well as to briefly introduce myself.

We are renewing the Jubilee Centre with a new focus and commitment to impact and I would love you to be involved in what comes next.

There are three things to say:

Honouring the past

Firstly, I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the Jubilee Centre - an organisation which has been contributing to Christian thought and influence on public policy for nearly 40 years. I am conscious that I inherit an organisation which has benefited from the hard work of many others before me. In particular, I want to thank my predecessor Jonathan Tame for his diligent stewardship of the Centre over the last decade – his achievement and perseverance in navigating a decade of immense change is not trivial. He also leaves me a talented team!

I am, in fact, no stranger to the Jubilee Centre, having followed its fortunes since the 1980s and even participated in its earliest campaigns. To be invited to lead it is an unexpected privilege for me.

Time for renewal

Secondly, every organisation must be willing to adapt if it is to retain its relevance and effectiveness. In 2022 we are renewing the Jubilee Centre so that it remains ‘fit for purpose’ for the future and with the clear intention of increasing its impact on the nation. There will be more to say in the coming months, but for now I want you to know that we are making a clear commitment to step up our impact on the UK. We will do this by making three changes: 

  • Same mission, renewed focus – We remain inspired by the Jubilee Centre’s original biblical vision of a nation defined by economic justice, a strong society and environmental sustainability – recognising that all of this is underpinned by strong and healthy relationships. However, we also recognise the need to focus our efforts to achieve depth and impact, and so from 2022 we will be working with Christians, churches and others to build a movement for ‘good business, a fair economy and dignified work’. This will be our new focus going forward.
  • Experimenting for impact – Impact means working with Christians, churches and others to change behaviours and to make a tangible difference. We will continue to produce high quality theological reflection but will also be moving to apply these insights in practice and to experiment with possible solutions. We will be rolling up our sleeves and taking a few risks, seeking to innovate and collaborate with others – look out for the new ‘Jubilee Learning Labs’. We’re excited about the prospects for change!
  • Growth – To increase our impact, we must grow our central team and our national network. This will also require a growth in our finances, too! Thanks to the continued generosity of donors, we already have plans to appoint a new team member in early 2022 and look forward to further growth, deepening and broadening our national network.

 We are planning to start quickly, so we expect updates and more information from January 2022, but this is to signal the changes to come.

Why this matters

I am excited to lead this change as it feels like a natural ‘next step’ in my own calling. 

I have seen at first-hand how good purpose-driven businesses can – at their best – contribute to tackling our toughest social, economic and environmental challenges.

I believe the Church in the UK has a key role to play in engaging more fully with businesses, workers and the marketplace, not least as so many Christians work in the private sector already – from the check-out in Tesco to boardrooms in the City and everywhere in between. There is great potential for the Church to deepen its discipleship, bring positive social change and contribute to the cultural renewal of our nation.

My journey has taken me from a small town to university and then to working in local government, private sector consultancy and in charities. I have spent much of my career helping to build ‘good’ organisations which contribute to a fairer and stronger society. Most recently, I have spent four years helping to establish and lead Clean for Good, a social-purpose office cleaning business founded by a group of churches and Christian charities in London. Clean for Good promotes fair pay and dignified work in a sector dominated by low pay and poor working conditions.

Let’s work together

Thirdly, and finally, I believe in the power of collaboration. The Jubilee Centre can do nothing by itself. We are only able to do what we do because of the engagement we have from our growing network across the country, and the generous support of individual donors. Thank you to our existing supporters. And if you are new – join us! We want to help build a movement to renew our country.

Do join us:

More in 2022!


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