Cambridge Festival & Jubilee Centre In Partnership

Join us for four lunchtime talks on four subjects that we are passionate about! 

Online events.

We are delighted to be partnering with Cambridge University by hosting a number of online Cambridge Festival events, each focusing for one hour on some key themes.

The topics for each day are as follows. To register for each of these free events, simply click on the buttons below:


Event 1: Friday 26th March: '2021: The best of times, the worst of times'

This session presents five short TED style talks by five young leaders from different disciplines reflecting on the foundations required to serve effectively in public life in an uncertain future. 

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Event 2: Monday 29th March: 'Ramon Llull: Missionary, medieval mystic and great-grandfather of computer science'

Ramon Llull (1232–1316) is one of the most engaging figures of the High Middle Ages: a genius who excelled in the fields of philosophy, theology, mathematics and logic. How did this man’s writings come to influence the development of modern computational theory? Philip Powell offers a fresh perspective on the life and legacy of this little-known but extraordinary European saint and draws some lessons for today.

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Event 3: Wednesday 31st March: 'A vision of home: ideas on home, house and household inspired by Christian social ethics'

Having a home is an existential longing for all humans, yet owning a house is out of reach for so many. Based on the idea that households are a social good that animate positive social change, this event offers an in-depth analysis on the current housing crisis and given an example of social impact through innovations in homebuilding.

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Event 4: Thursday 1st April: 'Remaking the world through relationship'

This session includes a short lecture on the methodology of Relational Thinking as it has been developed by the Jubilee Centre since its inception in 1983. Researcher Matt Williams offers an analysis of relational thinking as an alternative to capitalism and consumerism, its urgent relevance to public life today and the opportunities it provides to shape tomorrow.

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