TBA: Debt and Interest

This is the first of our TBA series of pamphlets - 'Thinking Biblically About...'

TBA Debt and Interest Pamphlet
Debt and interest lie at the heart of the Bible's teaching about money.  This is because finance is not primarily about pounds, dollars and euros, it's about relationships.  This pamphlet gives an overview of biblical teaching about debt at the personal level, and explores how what we see as a lifestlye convenience (debt is rebranded as credit) is really a form of slavery which can draw people unwittingly into a spiral of poverty and fear.

  • If you are looking for general advice about handling money, then visit The Money Charity (which was originally a Jubilee Centre project).
  • If you are anxious about debt, then we recommend you contact a local debt advice service which you can find through Community Money Advice or else there's online or phone help at the Money Advice Service

Please note: the Debt and Interest pamphlet does not offer any financial advice, we are seeking to explain what the Bible teaches about this subject.

Pamphlets in the TBA series are available either printed on high quality card (order at the top of this page) or else in pdf format.

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The Jubilee Centre has researched and written extensively about this whole topic.  If you want to learn more about the issues raised in the Debt and Interest pamphlet, then you may like to read one of the following:

Some Cambridge Papers by Paul Mills:

The Ban on Interest, Faith versus Prudence, and Investing as a Christian

Paul Mills also wrote a more detailed study on why interest is such a crucial issue, in Interest in Interest

After Capitalism: Rethinking Economic Relationships is a published collection of Cambridge Papers about economics, finance and public policy, by Paul Mills and Michael Schluter.

For a more personal consideration about living as a Christian in a culture of consumerism and debt, read Guy Brandon's book Free to Live, and the accompanying study guide Jubilee Lifestyle.

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