Evangelism and Social Justice

Evangelism and Social justiceShould the Church be focusing on evangelism above all else, or is social justice an integral part of our faith too? How can we resolve the tension between both making disciples and loving our neighbour?

Over the summer of 2015, the Jubilee Centre welcomed Cambridge student Andrew Lawrence as an intern. He has completed two years of his degree at Kings College, and he helped start the local group of Just Love, a movement in universities across the UK which encourages Christian students to pursue social justice.

Whilst with us, Andrew dug deeper into the biblical mandate for social justice, and researched into the evangelism vs social justice debate. The result of his research is an 8-page pamphlet, Evangelism and social justice, which concludes that, as integral components of the same faith, the answer is not either social justice or evangelism but both should always go together.

Whilst the practical applications are written mainly for Christians in a university context, this booklet gives an important biblical apologetic for social justice as a core value of Christianity and challenges us to live out our faith in advocacy, action and prayer.

Jubilee Centre has published this pamphlet jointly with Just Love; for more information about Just Love, visit their website at www.justloveuk.com.

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