TBA: Food

Thinking Biblically About.... Food. 

TBA Food Booklet CoverWe have a complicated relationship with food. It’s something we either think about too much, or not enough.  Almost two-thirds of Britons are overweight or obese, with an estimated annual cost to the UK of around £47 billion. Globally, some 2.1 billion people – about 30 percent of the world’s population – are overweight, costing an estimated £1.3 trillion a year or 2.8 percent of global economic activity. This is roughly the same as smoking or armed conflict, and more than alcoholism. Almost half the world’s population are expected to be overweight by 2030. Meanwhile, around a billion people are chronically undernourished. One way or another, food is a moral issue.

This pamphlet outlines the array of forces at work which together influence our ideas and lifestyle around food in high income countries.  These include advertising and marketing by food companies, our obsession with image, sedentary lifestyles, the vicious cycle around eating disorders, and the food industry's vast use of sugar and corn syrup.

Does the Bible offer any helpful insights around our eating habits?  In the pamphlet we explore the way that our attitudes to debt, sex and food have much in common, and how there is a battle in our culture over all three which can be called 'the consumerisation of the sensual'.

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