From Generation 2 Generation

From Generation 2 Generation book cover

Edited by Hannah Petra, foreword by Elaine Storkey

As the proportion and number of older people in our population continue to increase, a unique combination of factors has come together to create a ‘perfect storm’ around issues of care in later life. 
Improvements in healthcare have meant that life expectancy has risen by around fifteen years since the end of the Second World War, and in the last year the Baby Boom generation – those born in the two decades since the war – have begun to retire. As they do so, a large and comparatively wealthy cohort of people will move from being taxpayers to become net recipients from the state, supported by a shrinking workforce. This inverted pyramid of provision takes place against a backdrop of economic stagnation and public spending cuts.

This book is a fully updated and revised edition of From Generation to Generation, a work written 20 years ago when issues of care in later life were already attracting concern. It explores the significant hardships facing older people and their carers in the UK today, before re-evaluating these through a biblical lens. By first exploring the Old and New Testaments’ norms and values around later life and then translating and applying this framework to our own situation, the authors offer some profound insights into how we might begin to address the challenges facing us over the coming years.

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