Jubilee Lifestyle Discipleship Course by Guy Brandon

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The 'Jubilee Lifestyle' Discipleship Course

Following the publication in 2010 of our life-changing book Free to Live, the accompanying Jubilee Lifestyle Discipleship Course is now available for use in your church or small group.

Designed to serve as a follow-up course to popular seeker courses such as Christianity Explored and Alpha, the set of studies has already proved popular at churches that trialled early drafts, including Holy Trinity Brompton, St James’ Gerrards Cross, and Letchworth Garden City Church.

[su_quote cite="Rev Tim Matthews, Holy Trinity, Brompton"]Thank you for this – brilliant.[/su_quote]

Equipping Your Church for Effective Mission

Building on our 2010 biblical lifestyle book, Free to Live, the course encourages participants to explore how they might more fully allow their faith to shape how they live seven days a week, Monday to Saturday, at work, at home, and in the community, not just Sundays at church.

[su_quote cite="Mark Greene, Executive Director, LICC"]Helpfully explores how we might actually live differently, live the life of shalom today.[/su_quote]

Jubilee Lifestyle’s radical approach is grounded in the Bible’s central principles of love for God and love for neighbour that have shaped the emphasis on relationships – or Relational Thinking – that lies at the heart of all the Jubilee Centre’s work.

[su_quote cite="Joel Edwards, International Director, Micah Challenge"]The church is desperate for a new way of talking about wellbeing, relationships and what is most important in life, in a way that resonates with our contemporary culture. Relational Thinking offers one of the best tools out there.[/su_quote]

Explore something of the topics covered using the submenu to the left, and download or purchase the Users' Guide and Leaders' Notes from the resources pages of our website!

[su_quote cite="Steve Clifford, General Director, Evangelical Alliance"]Jubilee Lifestyle is a bold and passionate course...This will yield an understanding of the absolute relevance of the Bible and the fact that it describes a coherent vision for society that has enduring relevance for Britain.[/su_quote]


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