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The Sunday pamphlet in our 'Thinking Biblically About...' series explores why one day in seven was designed to be special, and the consequences of departing from this biblical norm.

The Jubilee Centre was at the forefront of the Keep Sunday Special Campaign, now run by our sister organisation Relationships Foundation.  In August 2014 they reported:

This summer we marked the twentieth anniversary of the commencement of the provisions of the Sunday Trading Act (1994). This, most regrettably, allowed larger stores (ie, those over 3,000 sq ft) to open for a maximum of six hours between 10am and 6pm. The Keep Sunday Special Campaign, along with faith groups, trade unions, business organisations, sports bodies, community leaders and countless families and individuals, opposed this. We believe that Sunday should be a time for family, friends and community. We believe in time to rest and enjoy ourselves. We believe in working hard and living life to the full. And we believe in keeping just one day a week a bit special. We don't want to tell people how to live their lives, but we do believe there is a need to protect the things that matter most. In brief, we believe that there are five main ways to keep Sunday special: Protecting Relationships, Preserving Community, Saving Local Business, Respecting Faith and Getting Rest.

Read more about the five ways to keep Sunday special and other materials on the KSS (Keep Sunday Special) website here.

You may also like to read the original booklet which provided the theological basis for the campaign which led to the only successful defeat of a government bill under Mrs Thatcher in 1985.

You can download the text to read or print here:

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Although the law has changed in the UK, several other countries across Europe are still debating major changes to Sunday trading.  Visit the European Sunday Alliance website to find an organisation in your country who are supporting Sunday as a shared day of rest.