TBA: Consumerism

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Consumerism is the worldview that teaches us that meaning and identity are to be found through what we consume: the products we buy, the brands we adopt and the media we view, amongst other things. Choice is fundamental to consumerism, because the greater choice we have the more able we are to tailor our consumption to our personal desires. Through choice and consumption, we are told that we can express ourselves and be whoever we want to be.

Like choice, change is also essential to consumerism, and therefore so is dissatisfaction. If we are satisfied, we need no longer make new choices. Consumerism encourages us to choose, use up, discard and choose again.

In the absence of other ways to find our place in the world, consumerism is the chief means by which our culture searches for identity and meaning. This new pamphlet in our TBA (Thinking Biblically About...) series explores a biblical approach to identity and the way that consumerism encourages us to shape our faith, along with everything else, around ourselves. It suggests that simplicity, faithfulness and community are appropriate Christian reponses to a culture that emphasises infinite choice and change.

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