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Thinking Biblically About... ImmigrationTBA Immigration Pamphlet

Immigration is a hot political issue. To some critics, migrants are vulnerable people who need protecting. To others, they are hard workers who fill the jobs we cannot or will not. To still others, they are scroungers who take our jobs and benefits, and use our health system without paying any taxes. The difference between these points of view may simply be our choice of newspaper.

For Christians, matters may be more complicated. We are commanded to love our neighbour – but it seems that love for one neighbour may prevent us from caring properly for another. How are we to respond?

The Bible says very little about immigration but a lot about immigrants. This new pamphlet in our TBA (Thinking Biblically About...) series seeks to unpack biblical insights into different categories of immigrant, and how there were to be treated. It also looks at the overall framework of justice within which we typically understand issues like immigration, and asks whether justice alone is enough.

There are many ways we can respond to the challenges and opportunities of immigration, as churches and individuals. As ‘aliens and strangers in the world’ ourselves (1 Peter 2:11), Christians should understand what it is like to live as dual citizens.

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