Special Offer: The ‘Thinking Biblically About…’ Series

What does the Bible have to say about contemporary society?

We’re pleased to offer, at a discounted price, this series of 13 pamphlets that provide accessible introductions to biblical perspectives on a range of modern ‘hot topics’—from consumerism, to social media, to surveillance.

Concise, thought-provoking and attractively presented, these 8-page pamphlets are invaluable resources for sixth form teachers, youth and student workers and church leaders.

Tackling key topics, such as poverty and the family, each pamphlet is structured around three key questions:

What’s the problem? What does the Bible say? And, where do we go from here?

Building on over 30 years’ worth of research from one of the UK’s leading Christian think tanks, these robustly-researched, yet engagingly accessible pamphlets will equip believers and students of Christian ethics to reconsider how the Bible is relevant in our 21st century world.

Concise, thought-provoking and attractively presented, these pamplets make excellent introductions to contemporary issues.

Order your set of pamphlets:

This set of 13 pamphlets, covers how to ‘Think Biblically About…’:

Consumerism; Debt and Interest; Democracy; The Environment; Everything; Family; Food; Immigration; Poverty; Sex; Social Media; Sundays and Surveillance

*(£1.50 for UK shipping), if you would like to order multiple sets, please contact us at: info@jubilee-centre.org

Praise for the Thinking Biblically About series:

Nola Leach

"Throughout the series, the Jubilee Centre demonstrates how fundamental these topics are to our relationships with one another, the planet and God. The comprehensive range of teaching in this series is easily accessible to those across the church demographic and are useful for both personal devotion and corporate teaching." Nola Leach, Chief Executive at CARE (Christian Action, Research & Education)

Nick Spencer

Praise for the Jubilee Centre:

"The Jubilee Centre offers perhaps the most fully worked-through body of biblically-rooted Christian social thought in Britain today." Nick Spencer, Research Director THEOS

Interested in reading a single title from the TBA series? They're available to read online.