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Poverty is a serious global problem. Something approaching a billion people are hungry worldwide. One in six people have inadequate access to water and a quarter live without electricity. Global inequality is increasing. The richest one percent of people in the world own nearly half of the world’s wealth, and the proportion is expected to grow in the coming years.

In higher income countries like the UK, we tend not to experience poverty in the same way as many of those in low-income countries, but it is still a feature of life for many. Charity foodbanks supplied people with emergency food for three days on over a million different occasions in 2014-15, with around 500,000 unique users.

The Bible has much to say about poverty. How should we understand and apply its teachings today?

This new pamphlet in our TBA (Thinking Biblically About...) series explores the idea that financial poverty almost always has relational causes or factors. Both in the Bible and today, it is those who are most marginalised, who do not have close networks of relationships, who also lack opportunities for employment and support.

How we understand poverty influences how we address it effectively. Seeing it solely through a financial lens leads to narrow, financial solutions. In the Bible, charity was an important part of the Israelites' worship and a form of welfare, but the measures to limit and address poverty were far broader, affecting every area of life and every level of society.

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