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Our culture is hopelessly confused about sex. On the one hand, it is meant to be special, the most intimate of relationships. On the other, sex is considered trivial – something reflected in the idea of ‘casual’ sex. Sex is used to market just about everything from coffee and cars to phone contracts and footwear. We claim it has no consequences, and that if we’re not harming anyone else then sex between consenting adults is no one else’s business.

The Bible treats sex very differently. In the Bible, sex has both physical and spiritual consequences. The ideal is that sex takes place only within the context of marriage: a lifelong, faithful relationship between a man and a woman. Does this seemingly outdated view have any relevance to a culture that often treats sexual relationship as a disposable commodity?

This new pamphlet in our TBA (Thinking Biblically About...) series takes a holistic and biblical view of sex. It argues that our consumer culture's emphasis on freedom and individual right to act as we choose is at odds with the emphasis on faithful and supportive relationships of all kinds, and at odds with most people's desire for long-term, committed relationships with a partner.

Although our culture tells us that sex between consenting adults harms no one else, this is clearly false. What we really mean is something more like, ‘Sex between consenting adults is such an important principle to us that it is worth any amount of collateral damage.’ Whilst there is a clear message in the Bible that sexual relationship should ideally take place within marriage, the chief message the Church needs to communicate is one of grace and hope. One of the main needs of Christians – both new to faith and long-term – will be healing and restoration.

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