Emerging leaders, engaging ideas

Hear and discuss biblical perspectives on key social reform issues presented by our SAGE Graduates

Online events.

The SAGE Conference 2021 provides anyone with an interest in Christian social engagement with opportunities to hear the emerging leaders on our current SAGE Graduate Programme.

Each SAGE Graduate has been researching a social reform issue of their choosing and developing a biblical and relational response to it. Come and hear the views of a new generation and discuss their ideas with them.

Each free one hour lunchtime session will begin with a 30 minute presentation by one of the SAGE Graduates, followed by a response and Q&As from the audience.

If you are considering joining the SAGE Graduate Programme in the future, this is also an ideal opportunity to see the impact of  the programme.

The topics and speakers for each day are as follows. To register for these free events, simply click on the buttons below:


Day 1: Monday 15th March: Matt Ceaser: 'Citizenship & the relational society: how participation in public matters can bring our fractured communities together'
Register: Day 1


Day 2: Tuesday 16th March: Hannah Kunert: 'Where is the freedom in education? Creating a society of right relationships through autonomy and self-determination'Register: Day 2


Day 3: Wednesday 17th March: Sophie Ford: 'B Corporations - hype or hope? B corporations' role in reshaping the purpose of business and their contribution to a biblical vision for ethical practice'Register: Day 3


Day 4: Thursday 18th March: Jasmine Phull: 'Nothing but the blood: kinship, infertility and new reproductive technologies'Register: Day 4


Day 5: Friday 19th March: Jacob Dunn: 'The life and legacy of Keir Hardie: Activist, Labour leader and social reformer'Register: Day 5





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