Invest in your calling

Join us to discover how your faith can influence public life as we take our annual summer school online.

This year, we're gathering a small group of young social reformers to think critically and carefully about one of our key social institutions: the family. Because we can't meet physically, we've creatively adapted the summer school to open it up to aspiring social reformers from around the world – making sure you will still experience a similar depth of connection and relational learning that you'd find at our physical summer school.

This event is designed to be interactive; it includes live small group discussions and plenary sessions with plenty of time to connect with like-minded Christians from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We've sought to maximize quality while minimizing unnecessary screen time, and we've built in the flexibility for you to join from across time zones.

If you have a deep desire to see the gospel shape public life and reform our institutions and culture, then please join us in June. We need Christians with the vision to shape public life today, thoughtfully and biblically.  




The event will start with live introductions and time to meet your small groups. We'll then explore together the lives of Christian social reformers of the past, including ‘runaway nun and renegade priest’ Katharina and Martin Luther, and the journalist and activist Dorothy Day.


Social justice language is everywhere, but what constitutes a specifically biblical approach to changing society? In plenary sessions and small group discussions, we'll consider a biblical and relational framework for social reform in the area of families.


You will have space to clarify your own sense of calling as you ask, What’s in my hand? and What lies before me? You will then learn how to develop a strategy for your first steps or initiative. Finally, you will explore how to invest in lasting social transformation using the Communities of Reform framework.

After the Summer School

We've designed this year's program in three parts in order to maximise learning and interaction. The first part is the virtual summer school, but for participants who want to continue engaging with these ideas we are also offering two further opportunities:

1. Face-to-face relationships matter. Situation allowing, we will also offer a supplementary physical gathering in Cambridge by the end of 2020. 

2. We want to equip you to share these ideas with others. We're inviting participants in the 2020 Summer School to host a small group in your region where you can continue to explore the Bible and public life with others.


Who is it for? The Summer School is for people aged between 18 and 40 who are recent graduates, young professionals and others in business, public services or the charity sector.

Dates: Thursday 18th June, 12pm to Saturday 20th June, 12pm

Cost: £50

If you have any further questions regarding the Summer School, please contact us.

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