Jubilee Manifesto by Michael Schluter, John Ashcroft et al.

A framework, agenda and strategy for Christian social reform

The definitive statement of Jubilee Centre thinking, Jubilee Manifesto arises from over two decades of serious reflection and practical experience. It presents an alternative to Capitalism, Socialism and other ideologies by identifying relationships as the foundation stone of any society.

Ultimately it is the quality of those relationships in families, communities, organisations and between institutions that holds society together and makes life worth living.

Through careful study of the Bible, the contributors explore how a relational society approaches nationhood, government, family, welfare, finance, economics, criminal justice and international relations. They then offer insights into the challenges of and strategies for Christian social reform. For those wanting to understand the biblical vision for society and how to go about implementing it in the 21st century there is no better place to start.


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Jubilee manifesto

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