Just Sex: Is it ever just sex? by Guy Brandon

Described as ‘a watershed book’ and ‘compulsory reading for all serious minded Christians’, Just Sex launched the Fair Sex Movement.Just Sex

People today seem hopelessly confused about sex. On the one hand, it is meant to be something special, the most intimate of relationships. On the other hand, it is casually dismissed as trivial – merely or ‘just’ sex. This book encourages us to consider whether the impact of our sexual relationships on others around us is fair, or just.

With conviction and pastoral sensitivity, Guy Brandon explains the strength and integrity of the Christian world-view of sex. In doing so, he also addresses the inconsistency and inadequacy of the prevailing idea that consent alone is enough to sanction a sexual relationship. Demonstrating the injustice created by this approach he offers a better, more just way, which brings with it the promise of God’s shalom.

Just Sex - Is it ever just sex

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