See the world through a biblical lens

‘The Bible and Public Life’ is the Jubilee Centre’s key online course for Christians who want their faith to make a positive impact in the world around them. The course connects the ancient world and words of the Bible with the economic, social and political challenges of the 21st century.

We believe that the Bible provides us with a coherent vision for society that prioritises right relationships and promotes social justice. By becoming immersed in the biblical social vision and the framework of ‘Relational Thinking’ which helps us apply it today, the programme will help you become more effective as the salt and light of Christ in the world.

The curriculum has been built around Jubilee Centre’s Cambridge Papers and other high-quality publications to provide a comprehensive overview of each sphere. By carefully selecting articles and essays on a range of issues in each module, we introduce and illustrate how the Bible speaks powerfully into different areas of public life.  Short video introductions and guide comments by the course director will lead you through the curriculum.


The course consists of eight modules, each with four units. A unit usually consists of two short videos, two short articles and two long essays – which take most people 3-4 hours to complete. The modules are:

  • Biblical Foundations
  • The Economy
  • Politics
  • Justice & Law
  • Welfare
  • Family & Sex
  • Science & Technology
  • The Arts

How to study the course

The Bible and Public Life course is designed for independent study online; you should start by working through the Foundations module, and after that you can choose to take any module at any time.

However, most people find studying with others a much richer learning experience, so we encourage you to find a few friends to join you so that you take the module together. (If you get five other people to sign up, we’ll give you a voucher for one free module!) There is an invitation for each module which you can download or share with your friends, to help you form a group. You can gather once every week or fortnight to discuss the material for each unit; in this way you can complete a module in either one or two months. Learning at its best happens in community!

We also offer two additional opportunities for enriched learning:

Webinar and forum

We offer a live webinar for each module at least once a year. If you have completed all the units in a module, then you can pay a little extra to join the webinar with the course director or other tutor and participate in an online forum for the following two weeks. This way you can connect more widely with people who are interested in the same issues from around the world.


If you would like to discuss any of the course materials with the course director, either as an individual or with the small group you have been learning with, then we offer a video consultation service on Skype or Zoom. Perhaps you want to explore an issue in more depth or discuss how to put it into practice in your own context; either way we would love to help you connect your faith more effectively with public life!


Further details, invitation materials, costs and dates of upcoming webinars will be on our dedicated training site, which will go live soon. If you would like us to send you a quick email when it’s ready, then please register.

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