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New biblical perspectives on social reform challenges presented by our 2020/1 SAGE Graduates

Online events.

The SAGE Conference 2021 provided those with an interest in Christian social engagement with opportunities to hear the emerging leaders on our current SAGE Graduate Programme.

Each SAGE Graduate had researched a social reform issue of their choosing and had developed a biblical and relational response to it. 

If you are considering joining the SAGE Graduate Programme in the future, the contents below are an ideal opportunity to see the impact of  the programme.

The topics and speakers for each day of the SAGE Conference were as follows:


Day 1: Monday 15th March: Matt Ceaser: 'Citizenship & the relational society: how participation in public matters can bring our fractured communities together'

For the 'Levelling Up' agenda to truly empower communities and bring societal change to Britain, individuals and organisations will need to step up to meet the challenge. Matt Ceaser considers how reclaiming our shared identity as citizens and participating in public life is key to the success of this mission. 

Click here to read Matt's Blog on this subject and click here to read his full research essay.

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Day 2: Tuesday 16th March: Hannah Kunert: 'Where is the freedom in education? Creating a society of right relationships through autonomy and self-determination'

Our education system tends to fail to provide our young people with the autonomy needed to achieve the well-being that comes from responsibility, empathy, confidence, and a strong sense of self-worth. As young people look to recover from the effects of the pandemic, Hannah Kunert considers whether there can be a more life-giving approach to education.

Click here to read Hannah's Blog on this subject and click here to read her full research essay.

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Day 3: Wednesday 17th March: Sophie Ford: 'B Corporations - hype or hope? B corporations' role in reshaping the purpose of business and their contribution to a biblical vision for ethical practice'

The influence of the growing ‘B Corporation’ movement, which offers a chance to influence the business culture and promote purpose beyond profit, continues to spread across the globe. Sophie Ford uncovers what this movement is all about and why this is something that Christians should be a part of. 

Click here to read Sophie's Blog on this subject and click here to read her full research essay.

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Day 4: Thursday 18th March: Jasmine Phull: 'Nothing but the blood: kinship, infertility and new reproductive technologies'

The development of new reproductive technologies – involving surrogacy, gamete donation and adoption – problematises many ideas about kinship, the integrity of the family unit and what it means to be related to another person. Jasmine Phull explores Biblical narratives about family and their potential to shed light on these issues.

Click here to read Jasmine's Blog on this subject and click here to read her full research essay.

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Day 5: Friday 19th March: Jacob Dunn: 'The life and legacy of Keir Hardie: Activist, Labour leader and social reformer'

The lives of past social reformers have much to teach those involved in social reform in the present. Jacob Dunn focuses on the life of Keir Hardie, relating his life story and drawing lessons from it for the social reformers of today. 

Click here to read Jacob's Blog on this subject and click here to read his full research essay.

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