SAGE: cultivating leaders in a complex world

SAGE is a holistic training programme designed to equip young and emerging leaders to think and respond biblically and relationally to issues in public life.     

Today’s global landscapes are increasingly complex. Climate change, ongoing racial injustice and fragile peace form the backdrop of today’s social, environmental and economic challenges. Trust in political leaders is weak and polarisation works against much needed collaboration.    

Changing concepts of identity in an increasingly ‘post-Christian’ society may suggest that the Bible has nothing to offer. And yet the biblical narrative invites us into a better story and sets out a robust and coherent social vision that is deeply relevant today. But discovering and learning to apply a positive biblical vision to the complex issues in public life requires more than personal Bible study…   

That’s why we created the SAGE Graduate Programme. It is a learning community that grounds participants in a biblical worldview that carefully connects faith and public life. Through study, research and public engagement it equips young graduates to participate in shaping society. 

Every Millennial and Gen-Y who wants to see the world change must learn to lead in complexity. This challenge calls for courage and resilience but also empathy, relational thinking and emotional agility. Developing these qualities is a vital part of the SAGE Programme.   

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See what the most recent SAGE Graduates have accomplished

Engaging with the Jubilee Centre's approach to public life has been extremely interesting and I feel that I have been given an entirely new perspective on the extent to which the Bible and its emphasis on relationships can so positively influence wider society.

Hannah, 2020/1 Participant

Programme Structure

The SAGE Graduate Programme takes place over six months. It begins with a few days away for team building and ends with planning the next steps for your own course of action.

Study Term

Using curriculum from our online course,  ‘The Bible and Public Life’, you will spend the term studying biblical thinking across seven different spheres including economics, justice & law, welfare and the arts. Alongside daily seminars and weekly essays, you will be choosing your topic for the Research Term.

Both terms include hands-on learning experience where you practice the ‘soft skills’ of leadership – deep listening, empathy, conflict resolution and working across difference. You’ll grow in self-awareness alongside developing biblical and intellectual foundations for change.

Research Term

In-depth research into a subject gives you the foundations to engage in an  issue with knowledge and understanding. During this term you will explore your chosen topic from both a biblical and a public policy perspective, writing a 6,000 word essay which you will present in the seventh week of the term. You can see examples of the work of previous  SAGE participants at
The remaining four weeks of the Research Term are devoted to communicating the vision for social reform set out in your essay and proposing practical steps for change. This could take different forms (e.g. a video, podcast, article or live event), depending on the issue and nature of change envisaged. This will hone some of the skills needed by social reformers, like effective communication and social organising. 

Programme Leaders

The SAGE Programme is facilitated by Mercedes Williams. Support is given by  Dr  Ralph Lee, Jonathan Tame and  Dr Matt Williams. Further input from subject experts from the wider community will be given along the way. 


What is it like doing the SAGE Programme?

Previous participants have made it clear in this video that the SAGE programme was a great investment in their future:



It established biblical foundations for engaging in the world and developed their personal leadership capacity. The learning community fostered whole life discipleship and a deep passion for Jesus.   

The SAGE Programme is not a postgraduate course, an internship nor a discipleship programme. Instead it’s a focused season for getting thoroughly equipped for Christian leadership and public service in the world today. If you are interested in being part of the next SAGE Cohort in the 2022/3 academic year, register your interest below.

Who is the programme for?

SAGE is for recent graduates who are committed Christians with growing leadership experience. There will be a maximum of eight people on the SAGE programme, and each one will receive individual support and mentoring. In addition, they will be part of the Jubilee Centre community.

What is the work schedule?

Coronavirus permitting, participants will be meeting during the first Term in the Jubilee Lounge in central Cambridge from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday each week.  

During the second term, we will determine the best working arrangement as a group, building rhythms of research and collaboration as well as flexible or remote self-study. The Jubilee Lounge will continue to be available as a learning space.  

The SAGE Programme is designed to make space for participants to work part time to help support themselves.

Where will participants live?

Coronavirus permitting, participants accepted for the SAGE programme will need to find somewhere to live in Cambridge or within commuting distance of the city.


How much does it cost?

SAGE is subsidised by our donors, which permits us to charge only £1,000 for the programme. 

You will also need around £400-£500/month for accommodation if you rent a room in Cambridge, and money for food and other living expenses. 

However, we don’t want to exclude emerging leaders on financial grounds, so if applicants are not able to raise these sums through saving or from family and friends, they can apply to us for a scholarship to cover part or all of their fees (please email Mercedes in confidence at

What about Coronavirus?

If the measures being taken to manage the spread of Coronavirus do not permit SAGE participants to be physically present in Cambridge then we will run the programme online for as long as necessary, using Zoom meetings. All the course readings used during the Study Term are already fully online. 

Should participants need to self-isolate during the programme, we will bring them into discussions online.


How do I apply?

If you are interested in joining the next SAGE Programme cohort, please fill out the form below. 

What are the Programme dates?

The next SAGE Programme will be run during the 2022/3 academic year, with start and finish dates to be confirmed in due course. 

Use the orange button below to register your interest in the next SAGE Programme, and we will get in touch with you soon.


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