SAGE: a launchpad for Christian service in public life

Are you a recent graduate wanting to work in politics, the civil service, or with a think tank? Are you hoping to serve with a development agency or social justice ministry?

If you want to discover for yourself how the Christian faith can engage powerfully with economic, social and political concerns, then the six-month SAGE programme is a way for you to test out your enthusiasm, ability and calling.

It equips recent graduates with keys for thinking biblically about public life and skills needed for effective social engagement. And all this takes place in the context of a Christian think tank with a 35 year track record of influencing leaders and policymakers in Britain and around the world.

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Engaging with the Jubilee Centre's approach to public life has been extremely interesting and I feel that I have been given an entirely new perspective on the extent to which the Bible and its emphasis on relationships can so positively influence wider society.

Hannah, 2020/1 Participant

Programme Structure

The SAGE programme runs over two terms from October to April each year. It begins with a few days away in the countryside for team building (coronavirus permitting!), and ends with planning the next steps for your own course of action.

Study Term (October to Christmas)

In an intensive version of our online course (on applying biblical principles to public life), SAGEites spend the term studying biblical thinking across seven different spheres—including economics, justice & law, welfare and the arts. Alongside daily seminars and weekly essays, they will be choosing their research topic for the Research Term.

Research Term (January to Easter)

Each participant will work on researching into an issue of their choosing, exploring it from both a biblical and public policy perspective. They will write this up in a long essay of around 6,000 words, to be presented in the 7th week of the term.

The remaining four weeks of the term are devoted to developing 'seed projects'. These are first steps for each participant to take towards working out the vision for social transformation they have set out in their essay. They could take different forms, depending on the issue and nature of change envisaged, but options might include a video, podcast, article or live event.

Programme Leaders

The SAGE programme is led by Mercedes McGuire Williams, with support from Ralph Lee, Jonathan Tame and Philip Powell.


Who is the programme for?

SAGE is for recent graduates who are committed Christians with growing leadership experience. There will be a maximum of eight people on the SAGE programme, and each one will receive individual support and mentoring for their project. In addition they will be part of the Jubilee Centre community.

What is the work schedule?

Coronavirus permitting, participants will be meeting during the study term  in the Jubilee Lounge, next to Jubilee Centre’s offices, from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday each week.

Then, during the research term, participants will only be together in person each Monday in the Jubilee Centre (coronavirus permitting), and research at home the following three days.

We’ve designed it so that participants can look for a part time job for 1-2 days/week to support themselves.

Where will participants live?

Coronavirus permitting, participants accepted for the SAGE programme will need to find somewhere to live in Cambridge or within commuting distance of the city, as they will be spending Mondays-Thursdays together at the Jubilee Centre for the Study Term.

Since the participants only need to meet together physically on Mondays during the Research term, some may decide to find somewhere to stay in Cambridge only up to Christmas, then commute once a week from home (if that is realistic) for the second term.


How much does it cost?

The SAGE programme is subsidised by donors, which permits us to charge only £1,000 for the programme.

You will also need around £400-£500/month for accommodation if you rent a room in Cambridge, and money for food and other living expenses.

However, we don’t want to exclude emerging leaders on financial grounds, so if applicants are not able to raise these sums from family or friends, they can apply to us for a scholarship to cover part or all of their fees and expenses (email Mercedes on


What about Coronavirus?

If the measures being taken to manage the spread of Coronavirus in October do not permit SAGE participants to be physically present in Cambridge then we will run the programme online for as long as necessary, using Zoom meetings. All the course readings used during the Study Term are already fully online.

Should a participant need to self isolate for one or two weeks during the programme, we will bring them into discussions online (provided they are well enough to join in).


How do I apply?

Applications are now open for the October 2021 intake. If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below for an application pack.

Please note that the number of places is strictly limited and are accepted on a rolling basis, so please apply as soon as possible to ensure that you are considered for a place.

What are the Programme dates?

This year, SAGE will run from 4th October 2021 to 8th April 2022, including a Christmas break. 

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