Shining in the Sun: A biblical vision for city transformation

This booklet is written for people who are committed to seeing the good news of Jesus make a deep and lasting difference to every aspect of their cities.

It introduces three biblical themes that can inform Christian social engagement. The kingdom of God, the creation-fall-redemption worldview and biblical law expressed in relational terms are shown to offer complementary narratives for transformation. The simple metaphor of salt and light is then translated into a strategy for individual believers, local churches and Christian organisations to work together to make a lasting impact in their city.

The booklet concludes with suggesting ten areas around which a long term strategy can be developed.

"Thanks for producing this inspiring and thought provoking booklet on city transformation! I have read it with great joy and personal benefit. It is a wonderful tool for believers, churches and city networks to be holistic in their approach and to think biblically on the kingdom of God, the central theme of Jesus’ life and teaching and what it means for today." Thomas Hieber, Hamburg


This booklet is also available to purchase in hard copy here.