The Resilient Business: embedding Christian values in your company's DNA

How do we move from individually living out Christian values at work to embedding a Christian ethos at the heart of our organisations?  And how do we make sure that ethos really sticks, especially in times of change and challenge, to create resilient companies?

This report is the fruit of a research project by the Jubilee Centre, together with Faith in Business and LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity).  Senior executives from eight companies were interviewed to explore how over time the Christian faith has influenced the companies’ goals, values and working practices.  The research looks particularly at the role and significance of relationships, in both theory and practice, to the development of resilient companies.

This booklet is written to encourage, inspire and challenge Christian managers and directors.  The authors hope to convince readers that the quality of relationships among the diverse stakeholders of a business is crucial to its economic success as well as to achieving its wider purpose or mission.

The intention is that this will bring fresh perspectives on applying Jesus’ teaching in the Great Commandment, to love our neighbour as ourselves, in the challenging environment of the competitive business world.

“Businesses operate in a market system that needs to be regulated to provide it with moral direction and constraint. But the painful experience of the last decade underlines that regulation alone is not enough. Change is needed at the heart level that reintroduces a concern for others in the ways we trade, create and share wealth. This study, while clearly limited in scope, illustrates very well how those who carry a relational ethos at the heart of their business will in some measure contribute to the flourishing of all of their stakeholders. Its recommendations should be required reading for those already at the helm or thinking of a start-up.” 

James Featherby, Chair, Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group

Dr Peter Webster is founder and managing director of Webster Research and Consulting, which specialises in user research for digital services in the library and archives sector. He is also an historian of contemporary British Christianity; his study of Michael Ramsey, archbishop of Canterbury, was published in 2015.

Dr Shirley Jenner works at the University of Manchester’s Global Development Institute, teaching and researching in the fields of leadership, human resource management and careers. Shirley is also a Workplace Associate with the LICC supporting churches, organisations and individuals to flourish as they integrate faith and work.

This booklet is also available to purchase in hard copy here.