The Steering Wheel: Confronting the ideologies driving the West

"The Steering Wheel gets under the skin of Western societies and reveals the attitudes and assumptions which underlie many of the phenomena of popular culture. It is essential reading."

David McIlroy, Visiting Professor in Banking Law, SOAS, University of London.


Are you concerned that the dominant ideas in the Western world are undermining the dignity and value of human beings? 

The Steering Wheel is a new research paper that examines afresh the four major ideologies driving Western culture and society, and proposes a relationships-focused strategy to subvert these trends.

Focusing on the four main '-isms' at work in the Western world, Individualism, Consumerism, Capitalism and Statism, this paper rigorously re-examines the literature around each driving force, and incisively analyses how the different combinations of the four produce and reinforce some of the dominant characteristics of our age. It is only through renewed focus on putting relationships first that these ideologies can be confronted. The paper concludes with a call to action, setting out a relational vision for society that offers hope and a renewed sense of identity that aligns with a biblical understanding of humanity.


We acknowledge with gratitude the assistance of Sallux (the ECPM Foundation) in funding this research.


The Steering Wheel cover