Thoughtful Eating by Hannah Eves, Katherine Martin, Andrew Phillips and Peter Redmayne

A biblical perspective on food, relationships and the environment


Eating is never a solitary act; each meal connects us profoundly to food chains, precious resources, human effort, a global ecology and graced provision.

How does the food we eat affect the planet? What is a biblical response to environmental degradation, and how can we eat in a way that honours God? This book addresses the high environmental and social costs of modern food systems and provides theological reflections on the interconnected relationships between God, humanity and the non-human creation. By developing an extensive theology of food and eating, it suggests practical applications for individuals, organisations and policymakers, and proposes a framework for thoughtful eating – so that we can learn to eat joyfully, relationally and sustainably.


‘This book is widely and carefully-researched, biblically-rooted, judiciously balanced and yet will challenge you to re-evaluate what and how you eat. Food is not just fuel, but spiritually, socially and ecologically laden with meaning. A renewed relationship with food can transform our relationships with ourselves, our neighbours, the wider creation and even with God. Reading this will show you how.’  Dave Bookless, Director of Theology, A Rocha International


‘This report gives an excellent summary of the key issues surrounding the production and consumption of food from a Christian perspective. Easy and clear to read, and full of relevant quotes and statistics, it provides a timely challenge to thoughtful Christians about the huge potential for good and harm which comes from the simple, necessary act of eating our “daily bread'.  Caroline Pomeroy, Director, Climate Stewards

Thoughtful Eating

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