Cambridge Papers Live: After The Virus

By Paul Mills 01 Jul 2021

This is an online presentation and discussion of the Cambridge Paper, After The Virus: is it time for a debt 'jubilee'?, by the author of the report, Paul Mills.

Debt forgiveness is back in fashion and may be about to become 'all the rage'. Given the virus-induced economic slump of 2020-21, the idea of substantive debt relief is being revived as a way to alleviate financial burdens on stressed households, companies and governments. However, the benefits of these proposals need to be weighed against the costs and injustices of changing the 'rules of the financial game' retrospectively. The concept of a societal cancellation of debt has an ancient heritage that includes the seven-year system of debt elimination found in biblical law. What should Christians think about the growing consensus that there should be some kind of global debt write-off?

You can read the Cambridge Paper that provides the basis for this talk here.

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