Finding Security in the Risk Society with Dr Amy Donovan

By Amy Donovan 28 Nov 2017

Dr. Amy Donovan presents her 2015 Cambridge Paper 'Finding security in the risk society'. You can read the full paper here

"For the sake of economic survival, individuals are now compelled to make themselves the centre of their own life plans and conduct." -Ulrich Beck

Risk has become a central concept in modern life. The ‘risk society’ that we live in has increasingly structured itself around attempting to manage an uncertain future through an overwhelming volume of knowledge that may aid, but can also obfuscate, our decisions. However, it also provides a unique opportunity for Christians to live distinctively and attractively.

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Reducing Disaster Risk: creation care and neighbour love

Amy Donovan uses current research in disaster studies to argue that, for Christians, caring for the environment is a form of the Christian concept of 'neighbour love', which is about knowing that our neighbour is anyone we are aware of, understanding what they are going through and helping to bear their burden.


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