Seeds of Change 2021 Day 3: Food Systems and Environmental Disconnection

By JubileeCentre 30 Nov 2021

The Covid-19 lockdowns led many people to a greater awareness and appreciation of nature and the environment around them. The recent disruption of food supply chains is causing us to question our present food systems in terms of food security, environmental sustainability and ethics. At the other end of some supply chains are low-income countries reliant on agricultural and commodity exports. Here, the pandemic has exposed a similar set of vulnerabilities, with both farmers and consumers at risk.

This session explored how two community agriculture projects are seeking to raise awareness of the connections between food systems and the environment, and to reduce the alienation between people and the land which both produces their food and contributes to their mental health and wellbeing.

You can find other videos from the 2021 Seeds of Change conference here.

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