As we respond to the changes brought about by Covid-19, there’s an urgent need for Christians to respond thoughtfully to key issues and opportunities raised by the crisis. Can you contribute your skills or experience? Take a look below and get in touch if you would like to help.  


Short-term researcher in business/economics

Soon after the onset of the pandemic in 2020, Jubilee Centre set up three post-Covid task forces to look at opportunities for social reform in the post-Covid world. One of them has been meeting regularly to discuss the purpose and legitimacy of business.  We are looking for a researcher/writer to turn the discussions of this task force into a report which argues for corporate reform around business purpose, and enriches the current broader discussion on the role of business in society (e.g. the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation project).  The report will be grounded in a compelling biblical vision for society, tailored to this current broader discussion to reflect the key challenges of business in the post-Covid economic landscape.

We are looking for someone with research experience in business/economics to work for 2-3 months on a full or part time basis. Click below for the job description; application deadline 14th June 2021.

Download job description


Short-term economics project researcher

We are seeking a researcher for a project to make the case for a paradigm shift from wealth ‘extraction’ towards shared wealth creation in the post-Covid world. In the last decade an 'economy of extraction' has emerged in most high income nations, in which the real economy ends up serving the interests of finance instead of the other way round. We believe that this economic system is losing its legitimacy, and a new economic contract is called for which is deeply rooted in a biblical ethical framework. This project will identify a viable roadmap towards a sustainable, relational economy of responsible wealth creation to benefit all stakeholders. The project will draw substantially from previous research by the Jubilee Centre and allied organisations, repurposing it for the post-Covid context.

This project is expected to take three months, and applications are invited from suitably qualified people, especially those in their final year of PhD studies or who already have a postgraduate qualification in economics or business. 

Applicants should send their CV and a covering letter indicating  their availability to The closing date for applications is 27th June 2021.

Download job description


Supporter relations & operations lead

Our small team in Cambridge is looking for a key new staff member who will help ensure our relationships thrive with donors, event and training participants, visitors and suppliers. In addition, they will keep the operations running smoothly in the office. Are you a great communicator and efficient administrator, who loves to facilitate the work of a team? Do you want your faith to have an impact on Christians seeking to make a difference in wider society? Take a look at the job description and if you think this would be a great job for you, then download the application form and send it to us by Sunday 27th June. You are welcome to make an informal visit on a Monday or a Thursday – our current office days. Contact Mercedes McGuire for more info at 01223 566319 or

Download job description

Download application form


Write for us 

We welcome blog posts and articles from guest contributors who have a shared commitment to helping Christians connect their faith to public life. These can take the form of opinion or comment pieces, personal reflections from your experience as a Christian in a particular sector, or Bible commentary from a public life perspective.  

Submission Guidelines

Articles should be between 800-1500 words and in good written English. 

They should reflect Jubilee Centre tone, which is generous, considered, thoughtful and respectful; we believe that public discourse by Christians should itself be Christlike in attitude. We do not publish articles that are strident, aggressive or ‘clickbaity’. We’d recommend reading some of our blogs and learning about our approach before submitting.

Jubilee Centre readers are thoughtful Christians from many different walks of life. While some are indeed academics, we do not write for an academic audience but a general one. 

Articles should touch on one or more of our core topics. These are: 

  • Worldview and Ideologies 
  • Economy and Business 
  • Politics and Government 
  • Local Church and Community 
  • Science and Technology
  • Environment 
  • Family and Sexual Ethics 
  • Welfare 
  • Arts and Popular Culture 
  • Social Reform

If an article is accepted, we may in some cases ask for revisions or adjustments before publication. The author retains copyright and ownership of the work. 

How to submit

If you would like to send a query or submit an article, please email our Communications Manager, Charlee New at:  

Guest Researchers 

From time to time, guest researchers come and spend time with us at the Jubilee Centre to produce a specific piece of work. Typically, guest researchers use the framework of relational thinking to produce a project that carefully considers an issue or situation in public life, and explores how the Bible speaks into that issue. If you’re interested in spending time with us as a guest researcher, please email: 


Volunteer roles and internships 


Jubilee Centre is operated almost entirely through private donations. As such, we really value volunteers who can offer their time and skills to help with our work. At the present time, we’re looking for volunteers who have skills in digital marketing (such as basic video editing and web content management). Send us your CV together with a short paragraph explaining why you want to volunteer to:  


We are not currently taking interns at this time.  

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